Pros and Cons of Using Video Testimonials without Real Actors

So now that you’ve decided to create a testimonial video for your company – there are a few logistics you’ll need to make a decision on. The first is – will you reach out to existing or past clients for their testimony, or will you hire actors. There are a lot of things to consider so below we complied a list of pros and cons.


~ Although video testimonials are great marketing tools that helps increase awareness of a brand, they build an ultra strong web presence, they give credibility to the business, humanizes the business, enhances exposure.

~ If the video is executed properly it will grab the customer’s attention. If you are selling a product or service, viewers will be more inclined to purchase what you are offering as it establishes a foundation of trust and loyalty.


~ Using video testimonials   can incur legal ramifications that can cost the company or business millions it may or may not have; credibility can be nil when using strangers to market your company or  business.

~ Poor video execution can ruin the good reputation of a company or biz. It may increase the bounce rate but slow customer user experience. Videos may start by itself and up the frequency of visits  by customers

What will you decide?



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