Hi, my name is Gary.  I am living in the world of visuals. Photography and videography are what I do best; it’s my bread and butter. I love what I do and it shows in my finished products.  I am currently offering my service to repair equipment industry.  I would say that through time, I already mastered the art of manipulating the elements of design to make my works not just visually appealing but also serves the purpose of attracting new prospects for my clients.

Now, I want to expand my scope. That’s why I created a new production company that aims to help businesses thrive in a competitive market. My company will offer photography and videography services that will promote your business to the public. I will be working with consistent passion, professionalism, and hard work to give you the finished products that suit your needs and budget.

AHSFC – Awesome  my own company, will be very much willing to produce company profile video, testimonial video, or branding video of your products. We also offer photography services for all your marketing needs. If you believe that you can rise to the top, let us help you get there.


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